07 May 2010

Overall judgement: Gordon should give Dave the hospital pass

Hello all,

I was going to produce a lot of posts tonight but it's been so fascinating that - aside from a lot of fluff on Twitter - I've been totally glued to the TV.

But it looks overall that the BBC exit poll is pretty much exactly right. So, what does that mean? If the Tories are at about 310 seats, while Labour could lash together a coalition with the Lib Dems plus other minor parties ,it would be highly unstable and not really a goer. Better to let Dave Cameron take office in v difficult circumstances with the economy collapsing, wait for them to f*** up and then seize power when the Tories become SO unpopular. So I think it'll be Tory minority govt - as I thought before the results came out. But let's see. I'll pick this up again tomorrow. Been a fantastic campaign - loved all of ya.

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