10 May 2010

Brown lays down for the good of the team

Amazing... so Brown is stepping down as Labour leader, and formal talks are in progress between Labour and the Lib Dems for the "traffic light coalition".

If this works out, Brown'll go down in history as the man who facilitated the transformation of UK politics... by performing just badly enough to produce a hung parliament in the election (but not so badly that DaveCam became PM).

On the other hand, if a coalition is formed but falls apart before PR can be passed, or if they call a referendum that fails, it's probably game over for the left in Britain for a generation.

This is high-stakes political poker but I'll be f***ed if it isn't exciting.

I don't know... I still think minority Tory govt or a loose Lib Dem-Tory governing deal are the safest options for Labour - but if this rainbow thing does come off, I'll be very glad to be proved wrong.

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