06 May 2010

Goddamit we're ready now.

It's like Martin Landau said in Ed Wood... "pull the string". Pull the string".

Fortified compound, 24-pack, Channel 4 broadcasting some pretty lame-ass election stuff that is breaking up anyway 'cos the freeview is dodgy. Gonna switch over to BBC or ITN when they start their respective programmes. Actually the ITN signal is cack as well, so BBC it must be. I hate Dimbleby - old Tory bastard that he is - but we're stuck with it here.

Can't decide whether to major on Twitter or the blog for this stuff. I think it'll have to be the blog for main observations and the Twitter for the occasional ludicrous observation. Or maybe it'll just all be ludicrous.

So strap y'selves in folks cos it's gonna be a bumpy ride out there...

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