07 May 2010

Everybody has fallen asleep

Some amazing results here. Fiona Bruce has said that a hung parliament is 'certain' but almost everyone else in the fortified compound where I'm watching the result has fallen asleep. So it's just me holding the line now.

Some amazing facts:

  • Tories have achieved up to 11% in swing in certain seats but have achieved little or none in certain other targets.
  • The vote share seems to be Tory 37% - at the upper end of the opinion poll range; Labour 27% - the worst vote share since the 1920s; and the Lib Dems on about 23%. The Tories are much further ahead of Labour than Thatcher was in 1979 or Labour in 1992 (for example) but they haven't translated that into seat gains.
  • Tories have been shit in Scotland - actually falling back - and Labour seems to have done surprisingly well in London.

Very, very interesting. I think we're heading for Tory minority govt - and that's a position I'm very comfortable with. it's been an honour.

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