04 May 2010

More on the "army of Noels"

I'd meant to put this in the previous post but forgot. You know DaveCam's "big society" shtick? I was wondering where he got the idea from and then last night I realised...


Any of you reptiles been unfortunate enough to watch "Noel's HQ" on Murdoch One? The basic idea of the program is that Noel recruits an army of ordinary people to help him sort out "problems" he has identified with the UK.

Have any of you ever seen DaveCam and Noel in the same room?

What about if they are, in fact, the same creature?

Ever had a funny feeling, when Noel was down and out and unable to get back on telly after the disintegration of "Noel's House Party" in the late 90s that you'd see the fucker again somewhere down the line? And then there was... Deal or No Deal.

Same with the Tory party. A bunch of no-hopers... finished for good... and then there was... DaveCam.

For sure, Noel Edmonds is calling the shots in this election campaign. I've finally sussed it.

If I'm right this blog won't last long... Noel will be coming for me very soon. Him and whose army? Oh yeah. Right. [aaaahhh]

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