12 April 2010

UKIP if you want to... the farmers are not asleep

Trucking round the country again yesterday (Leeds down to Sheffield then on to Essex) and I was pleasantly bouyed by the amount of UKIP posters - particularly on the Cambridgeshire A14 OK, it could just be a few disgruntled farmers, but there are WAY more than in 2005. Is anybody going to do more investigation of this, I wonder?


Van Patten said...

Could this be the election that they make a breakthrough? If they manage to win a seat under FPTP(and it is a long shot), then I truly believe they could easily displace the Libdems as the 3rd biggest party. They are one of the only parties that actually appears to offer an alternative prospectus. You mention the Greens which is a fair point. I don't think somehow I'll be voting for a new Pyongyang, but at least they offer some kind of different thinking.

As several commentators actually worth reading point out, part of the irrelevance of much of the campaign is that Britain has now signed away competency (an act by definition treasonous, thank God for Brown that Blair incorporated the ECHR into British law) for legislation in over 60% of its policy areas to the EU so many are asking what is the point? Odd this is rarely mentioned by Compass, the BBC or Guardian? Could this be on orders from Beijing? Definitely more investigation required!

giroscoper said...

I think the main function of UKIP in this election is to take votes away from the Conservative party and let Labour or the Lib Dems into marginal seats - in that sense they are serving their country in the finest British tradition and I salute them.

In many ways I actually find UKIP a more coherent intellectual proposition than the current Tory party - I don't agree with what they say but at least they are not a bunch of out-and-out liars, swindlers and crooks.

Interesting point on the EU - although (most) voters tend to rate it low on the list of policy areas they are concerned about. William Hague's attempt to run on a rabid Eurosceptic ticket in 2001 was, as you'll remember, a disastrous failure. Since then the Tories have been wary of full Euroscepticism although they remain happy to flirt with its homophobic trappings (thus their withdrawal from the relatively sane EPP in the European Parliament and their alliance with disgusting anti-Semites, homophobes and Nazi sympathisers.

Good old Chris Grayling gave the game away a couple of weeks back - this is the old unreconstructed homophobic Tories, back again to torment us.

Van Patten said...

That's the argument for voting Tory, in that if you allow Libdems in particular in, you are in efect promoting pro- Beijing (the main pressure behind the EU's apparent lack of economic nous) candidates, but I'm not sure, especially in part of the North where the UKIP have a strong following that Labour don't see the fallout.

I am impressed with Clegg's success in the recent debate, but for me the main effect is to question the wisdom of lowering the voting age. If a load of twenty somethings who effectively have no political idea except for some half-baked neo- Pyongyangite ideology they were spoonfed during their schooling get this opportunist in, it's the strongest possible argument I can see for franchise reform. I think FPTP and even one man one vote cannot survive the events of the past thirteen years.

Re: your comments on Chris Grayling, a number of MEPs in the Eastern European members of the Socilaist bloc manned gulags and supported the imprisonment of political opponents during the communist era. Does that make the Labour party, (whose benches actually contain Securitate, Stasi, KGB and DS sympathisers and agents) a communist front group?

giroscoper said...

This post on Left Foot Forward sums up the electoral appeal - and imbecility - of the UKIP:
Interview with Lord Pearson.

This clueless f***er also sums up everything that's wrong with the House of Lords.