06 April 2010

Here we go - election time again

It seems a long time since the Hal Berstram Voice of the Turtle election blog of 2005. And indeed it is - 5 years. That's as long as William Shatner spent out there on the Enterprise dealing with STUFF. Or he would have done if the series had not been cancelled. More recently, he spent 5 years on Boston Legal. Dealing with more stuff. And James Spader. But we are getting ahead of ourselves only 8 sentences into this election blog. Time to reboot...

I was looking back at some posts from last summer - back then, Labour was so dead in the water that the best we could hope for was a massive '83 or '87-style defeat, followed by the jettisoning of the old guard and a complete change of direction.

So how is it that ICM in the Guardian this morning currently finds Labour only 4 percentage points behind the Tories - a result that would probably leave them as the largest party in a hung parliament?

Explaining that, and a good deal of other weird stuff, will be the primary purpose of this election blog in its first week or so, before Parliament is dissolved and the campaign kicks in in a really big way. Lots to do now but I'll certainly be back before the end of the day.

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