24 April 2010

A posting in the national interest

In previous postings and comments on this blog, I've mentioned that the UK Independence Party has a very useful role to play in this campaign, which is to siphon off votes from the Tories in marginal seats to help Lib Dem, Labour and Green candidates win.

Beyond that, however, I should stress that NO-ONE of sound mind should consider voting for the UKIP in any shape or form.

A YouTube interview with UKIP leader Lord Pearson from the BBC News channel has been posted up by the nice folks at Left Foot Forward. It shows the guy is a loon with some very dodgy views on Islam, banking regulation and several other key policy areas. What's more, he couldn't even be bothered to read his own party's manifesto. Clueless doesn't begin to describe this twat. He's also a very good argument for why the House of Lords should be abolished.

There are many far, far worse videos of Pearson than the one LFF posted up... here's one from some American woman who likes Ayn Rand, for starters. Someone like this shouldn't be elected to Westminster under any circumstances (and of course, the f***er is an unelected peer... probably worked out that free thinking voters would rumble him first chance they got.)

Anyway, I'm posting this in the national interest, as UKIP is run by a loony, and - despite their protestations - is only marginally better than the BNP, if this is what the average member thinks.

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