17 April 2010

Desperate Dave

Must be tough being Dave Cameron these days.

After seeing his poll lead whittled away by Labour over the first 2 weeks of the campaign, Dave is now fighting on two fronts as the Lib Dems threaten to move into the lead, with the Tories now polling at 33% on YouGov - no better than their 2005 result. And given the bias in the electoral system it would have to be a very freaky set of electoral results to give the Tories an overall majority on May 6th with 33% of the vote.

So what does Dave do? He tries to scare the electorate. This on the PA feed: "Tory warning over hung parliament". Quoting:

Mr Cameron said Britain was in desperate need of action to remove the "black cloud" of the deficit and clean up politics.

"Is another five years of Gordon Brown going to get that job done? He's had 13 years and he is making things worse," Mr Cameron said.

"Is a hung parliament going to get that job done? A hung parliament would be a bunch of politicians haggling, not deciding.

"They would be fighting for their own interests, not fighting for your interests. They would not be making long-term decisions for the country's future, they would be making short-term decisions for their own future.

"The way we are going to get things done is to have a decisive Conservative government."

Even by Dave's lowly standards this is the cheapest of punk BS. Fact: we have a dysfunctional electoral system. (How else do you explain the idea that Labour could get most seats on 28%, barely above its 1983 polling level?

Fact: only the Lib Dems (and the Greens) are offering an STV system that would sort this out. (Labour's proposed AV system is NOT proportional representation).

So this means we need a coalition involving the Lib Dems - or even, a Lib Dem majority govt (possible if they can get to 40% or so of the vote) - to sort out a system that is so obviously broken that it's hard to look at the seat projections and do anything except laugh.

What we DON'T need to do is to vote in the Tories, who are the only major party proposing to keep this daft system exactly as it stands.

What's really happening is that Dave knows he's been rumbled. Even if he emerges as the largest party (unlikely on the most recent polls) a Lib Dem - Labour coalition could still reach 325 seats if the Lib Dems do well enough.

If this all works out I'm gonna design a special lapel badge for Nick Clegg as The Guy Who Sorted Out British Politics. Many unresolved questions, of course. Will Gordon Brown really agree to a coalition involving legislation to introduce proportional representation? It seems difficult to believe.

But then, 2 days ago the Lib Dems at 30% was difficult to believe.


Van Patten said...

These the same polls that gave Kinnock a majority (which has increased retrospectively) in 1992? Give me a break! Due to hard leftist control of the education system, I would only allow any form of PR for people over the age of 25 or 30 as they have not been brainwashed into a left-wing mode of thinking, or at least have had a chance to have enough exposure to the real world to end adolescent flirtations with Socialism as a concept. Would need a slimmed down public sector and plural votes for those in the private but it'd be a start!

The Libdems are political chameleons who move from Hard left/ SWP in , say Stepney/Bow to near UKIP levels of false euroscepticism in areas such as Cornwall. I know the primary idea of the politics amongst most parties is to build the broadest coalition but their attitude on Europe is effectively to follow an appeasement line which is, in effect, high treason - to pose as a euroscpetic party is outright deception.

Interesting your comments on Grayling - don't you recall how the Hughes campaign in '83 nplayed on Tathcell's homosexuality to discredit him? The LDs are also again not averse to using 'homophobic' (literally -fear of men - please can we find a less linguistically compromised term?) when Radical Moslem voters are in a ward/consitituency.

giroscoper said...

VP - ludicrous as ever. We'll have democracy but only as long as people vote the way we want them to. Sounds a bit too much like the US system for comfort.

The real story is that yer man Cameron has been rumbled and you're running scared. (Actually, calling him 'yer man' Cameron is a bit unfair as you have been claiming for some time that he is a carbon copy of Tony Blair and that Iain Duncan Smith was a much better leader).