03 April 2010

Rowan Williams: predictably attacked for stating the obvious

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has been the subject of praise from this blog last year for telling it like it is at a TUC conference last November, has been telling it like it is again - and has run into a shitstorm from the leadership of the Catholic Church for doing so.

I don't think this will bother Williams that much though. He isn't in the situation of having to make desperate apologies for a gigantic, decades-long cover-up of an epidemic of sexual abuse by members of his clergy. Whereas the Catholic Church certainly IS in that situation... and is handling it extremely badly.

There's no more Catholic church-bashing that needs to be done on these pages - plenty of people are doing that very very well already. Here's a fantastic article by Geoffrey Robertson in the Guardian, for example, arguing that the Pope should be arrested and charged with conspiracy in organised child abuse.

All I'll say is: Rowan Williams vs The Pope. Compare and contrast, folks.

The complete collapse of the Roman Catholic wing of Christianity is now a real possibility. And I, for one, have seldom felt happier.

Now all we need is a Labour win on May 6th, and I'll be waiting for my third impossible thing before breakfast.

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