07 September 2006

Suddenly everybody starts believing Tony Blair!

...when he says he'll be out of here in a year.

I really will believe it when I see it... a repeat of Ramsay MacDonald's 1931 National Government, with maybe David Cameron as Home Secretary and George Osborne at #11, strikes me as a distinct possibility. Blair has pulled surprises out of the bag before and he's a clever operator, so don't count him out until the Fender Stratocaster has been towed away... and ever then, watch yourself.


Van Patten said...

As a soon- to-be lapsed subscriber to the Spectator and a lifelong devotee of what masquerades as political debate in this country, I think your post is most timely. Running through my cuttings file, this is about the third time since 2002 that 'a timetable for departure' has been mooted.

We see the pathetic spectacle, at a time when the population of London is facing a 2 million increase in the first six months of next year, whilst our forces in Afghanistan and Iraq are facing annihilation, and when unreformed Public Sector pension liabilities threaten to leave the nation banrupt, of various pygmies jostling for position or hoping that when the inevitable change of leader comes, their hands won't be taken out of the trough. A plague on all their houses!

Seth B Ramal said...

I think this stuff really needs your own blog. When are we going to see it Van Patten... maybe it's already out there!

Why are you stopping subscribing to the Spectator? I think it's rather good.