21 September 2006

Extra Extras

Barney bites back:

episode 2 tonight and I liked this one better than last week. David Bowie was pretty good but Sean Williamson (Barry from Eastenders) is the star of the show. The guy is, quite simply, a comedy genius. I think the 2nd series should progress to the point where Sean comes up with his own sitcom - which is an offbeat, trendy hit - whilst Andy Millman disappears into obscurity. Sean then stars in and writes the 3rd series. As my wife's friend's dad said once when watching Star Trek, "it could 'appen."

Forgot to say last week, but if you only have half an hour to spare on Thursday nights, That Mitchell and Webb Look is actually better than Extras - it's a goddamn classic!


ben said...

You're damn right about Mitchell & Webb - it's sheer class.
But I would go beyond rating Bowie's Extras performance as "pretty good" - I haven't laughed so much for years.
Altogether now: "The little fat man with the pug-nose face..."

Barney Ruddle said...

Yeah - it was a very good performance. But did you see Daniel Radcliffe in Episode 3? Absolute classic. In fact episode 3 was the best yet.