07 September 2006

Greetings from the Chappel

Barney Ruddle reports from the 20th Chappel Beer Festival:

I've been to Chappel 6 times and it keeps getting better... every single time...

I think the Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild (6% ABV, which is pretty unusual for a mild) was about the best pint I had, but as there were about 300 different beers on offer at any one time, and I could only manage 6 halves all night, I'm not really a representative sample. No complete duffers, anyway.

The festival is on until Saturday 9th September so it's well worth getting down there if you like real beer and you can be bothered to get the connection from Marks Tey given the recent problems with "one" railway (of which Seth will undoutedly say more in a future post)

Some other good fests coming up in the East Anglian environ: Norwich, Ipswich etc. CAMRA website has full details.

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