04 November 2006

A week away... back to some good results

Barney back in after fleeing the south for the heady pints of the North...

Hello all and hope you've had a good week. Just returned from (mostly) sunny Yorkshire. We were staying near Pickering, on the southern edge of the Yorkshire Moors National Park, which was extremely satisfactory. The beer always confuses me and the rest of the Giroscope crew, though... because the pubs up there use a 'sparkler' to aerate it when it's pumped, it gets a head, a bit like what you'd get if you were served John Smith's Extra Smooth or some such nonsense. But fortunately it tastes damn good. I'll give a full review of pubs we went to etc. tomorrow when there's more time.

For now, it's just time to note two damned fine football results:

Colchester 3 Cardiff 1
- three points against the league leaders! The U's are 9th in the table, which is ridiculously high, but the results keep coming...

Watford 2 Middlesborough 0 - at last the boys in yellow get a win! Great stuff.

There's been a lot of political action over the week as well (when is there not?) culminating in the huge climate change march today in London, but again, more on that from Seth tomorrow...

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