27 October 2006

Hal's Friday Evening Blog Review #5 - Roosevelt Dave

Here we are at Friday again - been a goddamn tough week at work this time, and I've barely got the energy to do this, especially as I'm trying to pack to go on holiday tonight (of which more later) - but I think I'd give Roosevelt Dave a shot.

I thought this guy might be an FDR-type American liberal, just like Ronnie Reagan was back in the 40s (after he got turned down by the Communist Party for being too stupid, but before he became a mad dog right-wing loon). But nope - he is a teacher from Michigan with a ready supply of parables, musings and "homespun mid-western philosophy" (which is a great phrase which I'd love to claim as my own, except I've lifted it from Tony Benn, who used the phrase to describe Gerald Ford's inaugural presidential address in a diary entry from 1974. Never mind...) For instance, I like this one:

Where are your Cheerios?

Remember to look for the Cheerios. A while back my family and I were attending church service. A few rows ahead of us sat another family we knew with their two young boys. As good parents they had the kids flanked on each side of them for better volume and behavior control. The youngest of the two had his lap full with things to keep him occupied, including a small bag of cheerios. [they weren't that good parents then - giving their kid a load of sweets in church - maybe that's the way they do things in the States though, I dunno?] Part way in to the sermon the little boy spilled his back sending the cheerios spilling onto the ground directly behind and under his chair. As any one would do, you treasure those cheerios and make a plan to go in after them (like a soldier going in after the wounded man). Oblivious to the spilled cheerios the mother simply notices all the squirming and riggling [sic] the little boy is attempting to get into position for the retrevial [sic] process... The boy became more fixated on those cheerios and torn between listening to his mother or suffering the consequences of disobaying [sic] tand [sic] getting the prized stash...

How many times do we not see the spilled cheerios in our own lives?
Many, I'm sure. And how many times do we encounter teachers that can't spell very well? Probably too many.

There are so far only four posts but he's only been up and running for nine days so that ain't too bad. As with some of the previous reviews I will check back in a few weeks' time to see if any progress has been made... and I may leave a comment informing the guy that in the UK, Cheerios are a breakfast cereal.

By the way, I checked back on Ethics and Morals for America's Future, the first ever Friday evening blog review, and found that the author had done nothing aside from elongating his initial blog post to an incredible 3,320 words. And I thought some of the posts on here were too long... clearly some people just haven't got the hang of this blog gig yet.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I also appreciate the spelling mishap - I've learned not to try and blog while the kids are in the classroom during an inside recess.