14 November 2006

Ken vs. the 4x4s - I LIKE IT!!!

Rockin' on with Ken Livingstone. His trip to Venezuela may have backfired when Hugo Chavez said he was too busy campaigning to meet up, but Da Mayor has now announced plans to raise the congestion charge to £25 a day from 2009 for the highest polluting cars - which includes all the 4x4 "Chelsea Tractors" - and to end the 90% exemption for residents in the charging zone (which extends westwards into Chelsea next year). It's a glorious double whammy which will no doubt have the toffs up in arms, maybe even getting out of their 4x4s to take to the streets. Bring 'em on!! They are weedy and will go down. Even Jeremy Clarkson. He's a big man but he's out of condition. And with us, it's a full time job.

A couple of years ago a woman from Greenpeace with a clipboard stopped me on Piccadilly and asked me what my opinion of 4x4s was. I said, "we need to bazooka them off the road." She looked a bit taken aback, and I remember worrying it was a bit of an extreme thing to say. Now I realise I was just ahead of my time!

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