15 December 2009

Why the sudden dash for a March poll?

While the closing of the gap between the Tories and Labour to less than 10 points on most polls - including today's ICM for the Guardian - is welcome news, the accompanying chorus of calls for a March election seem pretty daft. There is going to have to be an election by early June in any case. So why not wait at least until May? What possible advantage is there in going two months earlier - with the weather still potentially dodgy?

The Tories must be getting pretty scared at this point though. With the current bias in the electoral system they might well end up short of an overall majority. At which point things start to get interesting. My money would be on a Tory-Lib Dem coalition, although that might actually split the Lib Dem party. But if things tighten to (say) 5 points then Labour might actually end up the largest party - and then who the hell knows.


red two said...

Getting it out of the way so everyone can concentrate on the World Cup?

giroscoper said...

This is probably gonna be the least well-received comment of the year but I couldn't give 2 f***s about the World Cup. I'd rather watch Wimbledon - and that's saying something cos I bloody hate tennis.

giroscoper said...

Actually that was too harsh. I don't mind the World Cup but I won't be rushing out to see every game or anything like that.