24 December 2009

Taking a few days off - suggest you do too

Just to say that I will do some posts on 30th or 31st December but don't expect too much before then as I'm recharging the batteries a bit - I'm absolutely whacked out after a long (although very productive) year. Need a few days off with a couple of days to chill.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for some Xmas cheer (particularly if you live in the USA) note that the Senate passed the healthcare bill. Even if Barack Obama achieves nothing else (and I hope he can do one or two more things at least before 2012), this is a major achievement - even though the bill is severely flawed.

Of course Copenhagen was a f***ing disaster, and in the long run it would have been better for the world if Copenhagen had gone well and the health bill had failed. But a small victory is better than no victory at all.

More on all of this stuff next week. In the meantime, my mate Steve was watching the telly - or trying to - and run into Noel Edmonds and a bunch of Deal or No Deal morons dressed as elves. People, please try to avoid this shit. It's not good for you. Just like brandy butter.

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