21 December 2009

Congratulations to RATM

With great apologies to my cousin's 18-year-old son who was backing Joe from the X Factor... damn good news regarding Rage Against the Machine's Xmas number 1. And one in the eye for the cynical wallet-hoarders who have pretty much destroyed chart pop (which wasn't in that good a condition in the first place, it has to be said, although in general the music scene is probably as good as it's ever been - a lot of good stuff around this year, and indeed every year.)

I'll certainly be going to Rage's free UK concert next year.

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paul said...

Would you care to elucidate on 2009's good musical stuff iyho? I am deprived from exposure to all and any new musics and could do with a primer to broaden one's mp3playa palate.

The only quality recent newmusics i came across in the year were the Portishead album, a couple of Silvery tracks, Knifeworld's Buried Alive (Tales of Crushing Defeat & Keith John Adams' Personal Songs, although some of these could well have been released the previous year.