08 October 2009

Possibly a blip, or...

Jeez, Dave Cameron does talk a bag of shite.

It's "more big government that got us into this mess"?! Nah mate, as Hyman Minksy pointed out, Big Government is the thing that's actually keeping us afloat...

Very interesting poll in YouGov today... Tories 40 percent, Labour 31. The lead down below points for the first time in about 10 months. That could be just a blip, of course. Or it could be that people have taken a look at Tory policies... and they don't much like what they see.

Not much cuddly Conservatism left anymore... it's all cheap authoritarian punks like Michael Gove or Liam Fox. These guys don't want small government... they want Big Government shoving a jackboot up yer ass. Just like their friends on the Polish and Latvian far right.

As Millwall so rightly say... F*** em all.

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paul said...

Hear hear. Once the reality of what EasyCouncil and the brutal shrinking of so-called 'big government mean and the impact that this will have on peoples' quality of life and the support & services wot we have thankfully taken for granted, folk may even start to miss kindly El Gordo.

I've been baffled by the media coverage of Barnet's revolutionary new approach of charging council tax payers for services which were previously considered universal; they imply that giving eligible people the cash to pay for their social care needs via Personal Budgets (hence having choice & control about who supports 'em & how this is delivered) is part of Barnet's astounding new approach, rather than being a well-resourced, nationwide DoH initiative.

I hear that Nick Griffin and his 33k band of MEPs, local councillors and supporters are queuing at Tilbury as we speak, awaiting a fleet of ships to take them to the South Pole. Griffin will have a regular slot on Newsnight by videolink so that he can be ritually verbally shoed by the remaining millions of denizens of these lovely isles who retain more than a peasworth of brians and a finger of sense.

Which is not to say that the big 3 parties should be permitted to be so haplessly vacuous how they intend to win round the many who vote for the BNP, the large rump of whom one presumes are not drivelling racists or demented Nazis.

Digress me not - rock me, Bailey.

I was amused to hear Captain Beefheart praise David Essex's Rock On most highly on an interview album on Spotify. Now that's what I call news.