27 October 2009

Monbiot on Blair - this is a classic

I love this from George Monbiot in the Guardian:

"Making this ruthless liar EU president is a crazy plan. But I'll be backing Blair".

Monbiot makes the very interesting argument that if Blair were EU president, he would probably have to travel to countries where the crime of aggression - waging an unprovoked international war - is recognised (it isn't in the UK, worryingly). And that would provide an opportunity to arrest the bastard.

Blair would of course argue that there was provocation - that Saddam Hussein was a 'clear and present danger' to the West. But since the evidence for that is about as good as the infamous 'dodgy dossier', I wouldn't expect that evidence to get him out of the hole.

It's a crazy plan, perhaps. And yet it might just work. Good on ya George (Monbiot, not Bush, obviously).

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Van Patten said...

That you're relying on the 'Great moonbat' for anything is deeply worrying. Whilst I would certainly try Blair (primarily for crimes against the Constitution/ The British people a la Charles I rather than as a Goering/Speer style figure) the logical corollary of this is that the soldiers serving in Iraq also be liable to prosecution? Perhaps this would enable Moonbat to call on his sponsors in the PR China or North Korea to get their troops over to replace them?

Maybe then he could get on with banning free movement between towns and Formula 1 Racing as part of his grandiose vision to 'combat climate change'. Whilst I don't hold much regard for Blair, most certainly a criminal, one hopes when the 'climate change' brigade have been routed, a new
Nuremberg will hold the likes of 'moonbat' accountable for his crimes, which effectively involve advocating the creation of a police state by fraud and stealth. (For which several NSDAP members were prosecuted following World War II) Look out, George, when we stop paying the high level of taxes you favour increasing ad infinitum, we're coming for you!