26 October 2009

Blair had better watch it

Now here's a good headline:

Tony Blair warned: fight or you'll lose EU job (Guardian)

I hope Blair doesn't go round fighting, as that would give a lot of people the excuse they've been waiting for to lay one on the bastard.

Perhaps someone should point out, in any case, that it might be a good idea to, y'know, have a president we actually voted for?

I was in Chelmsford last Saturday and there was a guy on a soapbox in the high street with a UK Independence Party rosette on talking about how bad the EU was. There were up to 2 people listening to him at a time. Both with UKIP rosettes on. I'm now convinced that UKIP is a front funded by the EU to make the anti-EU side seem stupid by making the arguments in the most lame and unconvincing way. We need a proper left-of-centre anti-EU movement. So how about it, kids? Come on, otherwise we're gonna get Tony Blair as President.


Van Patten said...
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Van Patten said...

Strangely your theory is actually echoed by a lot of BNP 'trolls' on the Telegraph website. I can recall the anti-Maastricht movement in France failing to achieve a 'No' vote against almost overwhelming odds by a tiny margin. That they did fail was becuse the ultra-leftists/ New Beijingers/ Neo-Pyongyangites, kept breaking into pitched battles with the FN/ Extreme right. Let's hope that doesn't happen here. Extreme leftist opposition to the EU is based on the fact it isn't unaccountable enough and doesn't go far enough in exacting total control of every aspect of people's lives. Their opposition will almost certainly result in its seemingly inexorable progress continuing. Thanks but no thanks!