09 May 2009

National Mild Day

As organised by the Campaign for Real Ale

"What's mild?" I hear you ask. It's probably the UK's greatest style of beer. Sweeter than bitter, less heavy than stout or porter. 

If you can find a pub that does it (in the south and east of England, free houses are your best bet; in the midlands or north west you'll have more luck with regional brewers as it's more popular there)... ENJOY. 

I've been an obsessive for mild ever since 1993, when I was having a pint with my dad in Oxford and a punter came into the bar and asked for mild and the barman said "I'm sorry, we don't serve it". Dad muttered "what sort of pub doesn't serve mild? This isn't a pub, it's a shithouse".

Nice one, dad. 

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