27 May 2009

Why on earth would the Queen be embarrassed by the BNP? It's in the family

Interesting news that BNP leader Nick Griffin has decided to pull out of attending a Buckingham Palace garden party in July "for fear of embarrassing the Queen". 

Whilst my main advice to Mr Griffin on his future schedule is that he should flush himself down the nearest public convenience en route to where he belongs - in the sewer - I'm surprised that journalists and commentators should feel the Queen would be embarrassed by Mr Griffin. Fascism runs in the British royal family. The Queen's uncle, Edward VIII (latterly the Duke of Windsor) was a well known Nazi sympathiser, and the Queen Mother was apparently a staunch supporter of the 1980s Botha regime in South Africa. With people like these as ancestors, the Queen would have probably been able to have a perfectly reasonable conversation with Griffin. But instead she will have to make do with the BNP's Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook instead. Oh well. If only the Queen Mother was still alive to say "I like that Richard Barnbrook, he's the kind of fellow this country needs..."


Van Patten said...

An entry so outrageous as to be libellous, particularly tasteles given that the Queen's father was officially head of the then empire in its six year struggle against a genuinely Fascistic regime, having assumed the throne following Edward VIII's abdication. Apparently the toll taken on his health caused his somewhat premature demise in 1952. Comments about the Queen Mother difficult to refute, although given the total collapse of Zimbabwe, are we seriously supposing South Africa under Zuma can't follow suit and provide perhaps belated vindication of the late P.W Botha?

giroscoper said...

Why is it libellous? At no point have I said the Queen is a BNP supporter. All I've pointed out is that she will be no stranger to this point of view given that key members of her own family were sympathisers. Seems a pretty obvious point really.

Van Patten said...

If by members of her family, you mean her uncle from whom she was estranged at the age of seven, you are technically correct. However, given that a number of the prominent members of the Hard Left have been or are in the pay of powers who consider it acceptable to discriminate and even murder on the grounds of class( the now departed USSR, China, North Korea), which is worse?