28 March 2011

Some quick reflections on 26th March

I thoroughly enjoyed "March for the Alternative" and although I didn't arrive in Hyde Park in time for Ed's speech, it's reproduced at the New Statesman and is really very good indeed. Ed is really coming into his own these last couple of weeks. He was excellent on the budget response and has been doing well against Dave at PMQs. The current political climate shows why it was a good idea to put him in in the first place. Can you imagine David Miliband addressing the TUC rally if he'd won the leadership? Maybe I'm being unfair to the guy but he spent the whole leadership campaign treating the unions like a piece of dog mess which had accidentally ended up on the Labour Party's shoe, and in the end that's probably why he lost. There is still some minute measure of justice in this world...

It was the most inspiring protest I've ever been on, with at least half a million people, and the only thing that slightly marred it for me was not UK Uncut (who I think are superb), and not the anarchists (who, to be honest, could have picked ANY large-sized public event to get into a running battle with the police... for example I'm sure the same thing will happen at the royal wedding, and it will be considerably more interesting than anything else going on that day). It was being given a postcard saying that many of our trade unions are backing No2AV. It's this kind of bone-headedness and alliance with the most reactionary elements in the Tory and Labour party that makes it harder for unions to connect with the outside world.

So let me restate for the record that this blog always has been and always will be YES TO AV. (Well, until they put a PR option on the ballot paper... that should really be "yes to AV until something better comes along." But you know what I mean, kids.

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