25 March 2011

26th March: Shut up shop, get out on the streets and fight the powers that be

A big scene is happening on the 26th: the TUC March For The Alternative.

As long as you can get out of the house it is VITAL that as many people as possible get on this protest... or one of the many other protests going on that day.

The Iraq march in 2003 got at least a million people out on to the streets.. I think this one will easily double that.

It's important to send as strong a message as possible to the ConDems that this reactionary stitch-up of a government will not stand. If conditions deteriorate as a result of the spending cuts to the extent I think is likely, then we could stand on the verge of a revolution, and March 26th is an important step in the new social framework establishing itself.

I certainly won't be condoning random violence or chucking fire extinguishers but, short of that, I think any means necessary to defeat the Tories and the Fib Dem collaborators is legitimate.

I'm pleased that Ed Miliband will address the rally but extremely disappointed that Caroline Lucas isn't being allowed to do the same.

Anyway, hopefully see you on the 26th. Fight the Power.

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