11 January 2011

Best iPad justification I have yet seen

I must say that I do love TV programme review sites, sad bastard that I am. A link on the currently rather inactive (but very good) Jammer's Reviews site took me to the AV Club which has years' worth of reading material on pretty much every US sci-fi TV show of the last 25 years or so.

I am a sucker for reviews of Star Trek: The Next Generation (a rather Ed Miliband-sounding title in retrospect) Seasons 1 or 2, which were largely diabolical but with occasional glimpses of how good the programme would later become. it's pretty much always more fun reading reviews of something shit rather than a classic. I must try writing some reviews of Space: 1999 sometime (particularly the 'difficult' Season 2).

But that isn't the main point of this post, which arrives during a review of three mostly poor Season 1 episodes (the reviewer groups the episodes into threes at this stage, possibly because they're so bad he can't face tackling them individually). The comment that caught my attention is the best justification for an iPad (or indeed Android Tablet) I've yet seen:

I've read a ton of reviews of the iPad, and I understand the criticisms. It's beyond my price range right now, and I admit, I'm not sure I'd have a huge need for it even if I could afford it. But I want one because it's the closest we've come yet to the junk Geordi and Data and the others use on the Enterprise. I want Star Trek technology in my living room.

Amen to that. But why no market for phasers? (except in the guitar pedal fraternity...)

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