02 June 2009

Never has a loss made me so happy

Ryanair lost money. Yay.

The whole thing is the cowboy outfit to end all cowboy outfits. Yeah, so the 'face value' ticket price is often cheap if you book far enough ahead. But they charge you for a ridiculous panoply of stuff (including checking in, which it's quite difficult to avoid actually, except if you don't turn up). And it's run by the cheapest punk going, the asshole Michael O'Leary, who runs second only to Rupert Murdoch in the "business wanker" stakes. 

I flew with them last year and it was f***ing horrible. Even though Jeremy Paxman was on the plane. Never again. 

That loss has really made my day. If News International announce a huge loss, I think I'll cry with joy. 

1 comment:

Van Patten said...

Total jokers, and agree whole-heartedly with your assessment of them. The only thing I would say is I don't think they'll be looking to the Irish governemnt to bail them out of the shit, unlike their banking and motor industry counterparts....