05 June 2009

Hutt off

The weird thing is, in happier times I would have been of the opinion that John Hutton resigning was a Very Good Thing for Gordon Brown and Labour. But now it just looks like another nail in the coffin. This is the Dawn of the Dead... Brown is a zombie parading around the shopping mall that is Whitehall. 

How many people are going to be left in this Cabinet by Monday? Even the attempt to sabotage Alan Johnson by putting him in the Home Office ain't gonna wash... that's going to be the shortest appointment of all time. 


Van Patten said...

Arguably the biggest farce in UK governmental history. I've been racking my brains and cannot think of any precedent since well before the First World War. Any takers from your side?

giroscoper said...

This time, mate, I think you are right.