23 April 2009

Sad day for Ipswich Town

I don't think I've done a sports-related post on this blog for many a moon but I couldn't resist grabbing the sick bag when I heard that Roy Keane is the new Ipswich boss

I haven't supported Ipswich since they sacked George Burley about seven years ago. I switched to Colchester United instead... closer to me, easier to get a ticket, and (at the old Layer Road ground) within walking distance of a very good pub, the Odd One Out.) (It isn't any longer... the new stadium is out of town.)

Roy Keane always has struck me as a dickhead... irrational, had a habit of deliberately crippling other players as a player, used to play for Man Utd. What's to like? 

The asinine headlines have started already: "Keane sets promotion goal". That's funny, I thought he was trying to get relegated. Like at Sunderland? 

So, balls to Ipswich. (I do quite like Chelmsford City and Braintree Town as well... I've seen good matches at both those grounds.) 

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