08 April 2009

Hal on Twitter

For no very good reason, I have now set up on Twitter.

As for the poor sods who already receive text messages from me, expect the brain-bendingly moronic and irrelevant. DO NOT expect major league insights (but then you never did, did you?)

This is strictly for fun.


Van Patten said...

I'd say the '92 election was in retrospect a boon for the Labour party. (Re: Your twitter post) Without the calamity of Black Wednesday in September of that fateful year, they'd never have had 11 years of government (Coming on 12 this May) and unlikely to have been able to implement the most radical cultural agenda the UK has ever seen. Odds are Kinnock would have lost in 1996, as Smith (and Brown) were both committed to the ERM as much as Lamont and Major were.

Whether we'd still have a functional public transportation system or any schools operational might be a more problematic question. Looking at Harare, the possibility is there that we might not have (Whether we'd have cholera epidemics is debatable) but the schooling still seems to go on in Pyongyang. If the Climate Change bill is passed with Royal assent this year, I guess we'll start getting a taste of life in those countries by 2014 as the power should start dwindling by then to the extent that mass power outages will be common place! Looking forward to it!

giroscoper said...

Keep taking the tablets son.