06 February 2009

Time for politicians to retaliate against the idiots

All the morons seem to be out in force this week. First we had Carol Thatcher in the back room of The One Show calling a mixed-race tennis player a "gollywog" and apparently thinking that was perfectly acceptable language to use in a social context.

You're not in the f***ing Conservative club now, Carol. This isn't "In the Line of Beauty".

Next, Jeremy Clarkson describes Gordon Brown as "a one-eyed Scottish idiot". Two-thirds of that one, at least, is correct... a few months after making a sicko joke about truck drivers murdering prostitutes.

Was the Beeb right to sack Thatcher? I think if she'd apologised for the remark then a "two strikes and you're out" warning would have been OK, but given that she didn't, her position on the show was untenable. I just can't understand the mentality that thinks comments like that are OK in this day and age. The same mentality, presumably, that thinks the Mail and the Express are decent newspapers...

Clarkson survived the prostitute gag and will no doubt survive his latest slur on the PM, and I'm kind of glad about that because the guy is such an easy target. Since the departure of business editor Jeff Randall for the Telegraph and Sky News (where Jeff seems to be carving out a niche as the UK's answer to Rush Limbaugh), Clarkson has been the major representative for the right-wing "man on the street" viewpoint on the BBC. He's no fool and can be quite witty but he's also so utterly ludicrous on so many levels that I can only conclude that the Top Gear producer is a New Labourite who keeps Clarkson on to discredit the Right. I mean, this guy probably watches The Sweeney and actually wants to be like Regan and Carter. He watches Life On Mars and thinks Gene Hunt is a sensible kind of chap... and then off he goes in some ludicrously over-engineered sports car monstrosity and then slams into the crash barrier because the roads haven't been gritted properly, because of government spending cuts which he argued for.

I think James May is the acceptable face of Top Gear. He cultivates the same hairstyle I was trying for in the sixth form, with similar results. Also he gets to wind up Oz Clarke in the programmes they do together - another easy target, but hilarious nonetheless.

Really, the most effective deterrent to making these kind of comments would be if Gordon Brown used PMQs to slag the protagonists off. He could call Carol Thatcher "a honky moron" and Clarkson "a bubbleheaded blowhard." An abuse of Parliamentary Privilege to be sure, but a very amusing one. Let's call these f***ers out before they do any more damage.

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