23 February 2009

Laugh? I nearly bought the Telegraph

A couple of very amusing items on the Telegraph website:

1. Corby rail station has finally opened - but they only have one train a day (going in one direction). Apparently £17 million has been spent on the rail station but no-one remembered to buy any new rolling stock to actually, y'know, get trains running to and from the station. It's like a Soviet-style planning error.

2. The Telegraph is worried about the 'coping classes' - not Julian cope fans, unfortunately, but nice middle/upper class people who apparently deserve better than to be affected by the recession like the rest of us. Apparently,

According to an analysis by the Office for National Statistics, architects, lawyers, tax advisers and commercial pilots are among the fastest-growing sectors for claims of jobseekers’ allowance. It’s a crushing comedown for those who have worked hard to establish high-flying careers and take pride in their self-sufficiency.

Yeah, because only 'professionals' work hard, don't they? If you're in a working class job it must mean you're a feckless moron who deserves to starve to death. Not like those fine, morally upstanding banking executives.

One good side-effect of this recession is that maybe some of the tossers who voted for successive govts who emasculated the unemployment benefit system, from Thatcher onwards, will suddenly discover that the system is no longer fit for purpose and only gives them a fiver a week, or whatever. It makes the heart bleed.

Of course a lot of innocent people are going to suffer badly as well, which is unforgiveable. But at least we'll take some of 'middle Britain' down with us.

Oh well, this kind of stuff provides some minor amusement while we're waiting for the latest piece of idiocy from Simon Heffer.

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