09 April 2008

Proud to be British (or French) for once

In what often seems to be a tumult of news downers, I was very pleased that the Olympic torch relay was disrupted by pro-Tibet protests in Paris and London.

It could only have been better if the UK Government had impounded the Olmpic torch and said we ain't giving it back to China until they end the illegal occupation of Tibet.

But of course they won't do that because this isn't a 'progressive' UK regime, it's a bunch of apologists for a reactionary dictatorship whose action in Tibet makes Saddam Hussein look like Jimmy Carter. It's hilarious to see people like Tessa Jowell apologising for the Chinese regime and saying the protesters are degrading the Olympics... and where the hell are the neo-Cons when you need them? Why isn't John McCain out there saying 'invade China now'? Why isn't the f***er in the front line? Jesus, you can't rely on anybody.

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