14 September 2016

Ten Years After

And he's back.

Following the failure of Hello Underground Typewriter (2013-14) and the Corbynite Manoeuvre (2015-16) to be worthy followups to Giroscope, I figured it was best to go back to the original. Some kind of comment on the sheer craziness of the UK political scene at the moment is not only warranted, but perhaps essential; and looking back at the early posts of this blog from 10 years ago, what strikes me as amazing is how utterly and totally tranformed the political scene is. That's not a unique finding over a decade of political change by any means; anyone looking at the UK political situation in, for example, 1946 and comparing it to 1936 would find huge and unforeseeable changes, and perhaps the same is true of 1986 compared to 1976. But the speed with which s*** is hitting the fan seems to have sped up over the last few months, and given this situation, the old warhorse needs to suit up and head out into the fray again once more.

I'm planning maybe two posts a week minimum, and I'll pull the blog by Xmas if I don't reach at least somewhere near that.

Coming very soon: some thoughts on the legacy of David Cameron (such as it may be), Theresa May's political strategy, and the road ahead for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour post-reelection. I bet you can hardly wait.

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