26 July 2013

Coming soon... "Hello Underground Typewriter"

Due to no activity whatsoever for the past 2 months, I think it's time for a blog relaunch to get things moving again.

I'm off to Spain next week for a few days but on return (sometime in the week beginning 5th August) I will be relaunching the blog as Hello Underground Typewriter (I'll put an active link up here when it's up, probably on Wordpress as I've been more impressed by Wordpress than Blogger as a blog management platform. Expect rather less politics (but still some) and rather more music and gardening than has been the case in the last couple of years (this blog will incorporate groscope and Brother Typewriter's Golf Ball as well as Giroscope.) It'll also be linked in much more to my musical experiments as Brother Typewriter on Soundcloud.

Anyway, this should provide some impetus to get a bit more happening. That, and August - traditionally a quiet work month, although this year, maybe not so much.

See you soon.

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