31 December 2012

Prize for most incoherent statement of 2012 goes to...

...Michael Buerk, for this attack on the BBC's coverage of the diamond jubilee.

It's a masterpiece of incoherence. Buerk rails against increased inequality in the UK while defending  one of the key institutions which perpetuates inequality and the class ossification of British society - the monarchy. And he complains about the dominance of private education in the UK's power structure while simultaneously condemning the BBC for apparently getting the title of the Queen wrong - whereas surely an attack on the entrenchment of priviledge in Britain would begin with the abolition both of private schools, and of all these ridiculous titles. Thus, Buerk's diatribe is a completely incoherent fusion of left and right-wing complaints. Buerk by name, Berk by nature.

I blame the Daily Mail for this kind of crapola, I really do. 

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