17 November 2011

Lifted from CiF

In desperation over the last few days I've taken to reading the comments on the Guardian's Comment is Free again. Free is the operative word; few people would pay for the kind of rubbish you see below the line on CiF every day... particularly from the astroturfing right wing trolls.

However, this comment on the usual €zone panic story "Eurozone bond markets in turmoil" was a classic, courtesy of one 'boydungood':

So here we have it....

The radio this morning tells me how I can make a 9p sandwich with toast in the middle, with salt and pepper - the cheapest meal

I million kids between 16 and 24 out of work or training

An unelected government imposed in Italy (used to be called a coup)

And this papers poster boy Clegg silent on everything, and this paper silent on the Clegg

An all time classic there - and managing to work in Nick Clegg as well... sums up where this country has got to.

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