25 August 2011

Reminding myself how good "War on Terror" is

Not the concept as copyrighted by Dubya Bush (obviously)... the board game.

I was doing a session with Burning Lodge last weekend (next month I really must reactivate Brother Typewriter's Golf Ball - lots of music-making and equipment to discuss) and after recording some fine tracks we ended up playing "War On Terror", which I was bought several years ago as a present when leaving my previous job.

It's an all time classic, it really is. One of the good things about the game is that you're almost hoping you're going to be crap at the start and go bankrupt or be stopped from expanding your empire by dastardly other players, so that you can become a terrorist. Playing the terrorist is a lot more fun than being a "normal" player.

I want to get the follow-up game from Terror Bull Games - "Crunch" - soon. It's billed as "the game for complete and utter bankers" and apparently contains "the collapse of capitalism (more fun than it sounds)" [hard to see how that would be possible, as the collapse of capitalism is what most of us are waiting for at the moment, but there you go].

Expect more breaks from politics in some of the future posts, as I need to broaden out the variety a bit... taking a break before the conference season (or possibly during it!)


Tiddlemouse said...

I trust War on Terror involved wearing of the balaclava for the 'full' experience?

Crunch, from what I remember, was like the game of Cheat on steroids with the added bonus of laundering money. Definitely a game for an Autumn excursion evening.

Hal Berstram said...

Oh yes - the evil balaclava for the "rogue state" was in full effect!

voller said...

It was a classic game, although we misunderstood some of the rules, leading to one player almost attaining total world domination - maybe making it even truer to life.

It was also a great Lodge session, and at some point I will get round to making that video montage.