26 July 2010

The Afghanistan war logs

I can't get on to the Wikileaks site at the moment to look at the Afghanistan stuff - and I expect that to continue for some time yet - but Channel 4 news had a good summary.

The material confirms what most of us sane people out on the blogosphere have been saying all along... Afghanistan is a disaster, with thousands of civilian casualties (at least).

It's unlikely I'll have time to analyse the thousands of pages of material in depth any time soon, but hopefully there'll be plenty of other people doing that.

This just underlines the spectacular military misadventure that was the Bush administration. And if Obama and Cameron have any sense they will get the hell out of Afghanistan. And fast, before who knows how many thousands more lives are lost.

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Van Patten said...

Civilian deaths were occurring during the internecine struggled between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance prior to NATO involvement in 2000. However, quite why we thought this country, unpacifiable by a far more ruthless foe in the 1980's had become somehow easier to 'conquer' (or should I say 'bring democracy to') in the intervening two decades is one of the true wonders of our age. There is no end that is not a bloody one and for thousands of coalition troops , that has proven true, quite literally. Heartily agree with your prognosis.