26 March 2010

The Times is charging for access from June... great

So The Times is going to be charging £1 per day for access to its site from June.

Great. I couldn't be happier. It's a crappy Murdoch paper anyway. The Sun with more syllables.

I'm actually very comfortable with the notion of charging for online content. Journalism is not a free resource (if it's done properly), so by all means put high-quality stuff behind paywalls. (Not the BBC though - we already pay for that.)

I'm happy to subscribe to the FT and I'd also be v happy to pay for The Guardian (a paysite would solve their financial problems IMHO), and maybe even the Telegraph. It's right-wing but it's high quality in the main.

F*** The Times though. It's BINO (Broadsheet In Name Only). And the Beano might even be a better read.

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