16 January 2010

Most amusing typo of 2010 so far

Just received Battlestar Galactica series 4.5 on Region 1 DVD courtesy of amazon.com where the price had gone down to $17.99 just after Xmas - which meant it was possible to import without incurring additional duty and admin charges (which is what buggered me on the Twin Peaks Season 2 box set a while back.

The Region 1 box sets of BSG have a lot more extras than the rather threadbare Region 2 efforts on Playback, which sometimes don't even have Ron Moore's podcast commentaries. (They can be downloaded from the ludicrously renamed "SyFy" channel website or iTunes but then they are running at NTSC rather than PAL video speeds, so by the end you will be a couple of minutes out of sync with what's happening on screen - unless you import into Audacity or something and slow the podcast down - but who can be bothered?) It's criminal that probably the best sci-fi TV series ever had such a slipshod release on DVD here.

Anyway there is an amusing typo on the back cover of the DVD: "Extended, unaired versions of A Disquiet Follows My Soul, Islanded In A Stream Of Sars [sic] and Daybreak."

I can't remember the episode about Galactica being under attack from SARS, but I'm sure it's a good one.

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