06 July 2009

Ryanair - I literally can't make it up.

From my blog post on 25 June exposing a corporate wanker train manager:

"why not have [the commuters] standing up on short-haul flights as well? I'm surprised Ryanair hasn't thought of that one."

From today's Telegraph:

Ryanair is considering proposals to make some of its passengers stand during flights.

Why not just strap the poor bastards to the underside of the wings and get on with it?
When the EU becomes a fascist dictatorship somewhere down the line it won't be run by Tony Blair or Berlusconi - it'll be run by Michael f***ing O'Leary. There's no goddamn way I'm standing up on a plane. Even getting up to go to the loo is a major ordeal. He can stick his planes - I'll take the nationalised trains instead.

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