02 March 2009

Definitional trouble for Ed Balls

Now here's an interesting one: Ed Balls thinks lotteries are unfair.

I think that's, by definition, wrong (unless the lottery is rigged, of course). Arbitrary, yes. Unfair? No more than tossing a coin.

Whatever the arguments against lotteries, 'unfairness' sure ain't one of them.

What's really unfair, of course, is kids being admitted to one school rather than another based on where they live, how intelligent they appear to be in a test, or what religion their parents claim to practise.

But these things don't piss off Daily Mail readers as much as lotteries, so Ed Balls won't mention them, of course.

If this guy turns out to be the next leader of the Labour Party then they really are up shit creek without a paddle.

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