06 January 2009

Happy New '09 from Gaza, Gazza and Gazprom

Well, welcome to 2009 where the news just keeps getting worse: 

  • Israel seems to have decided to do exactly what Palestinian militants want it to do - invade Gaza. These guys have learnt precisely nothing from Afghanistan or Iraq: the most surefire way to increase the amount of active terrorist cells in an area is to invade it. Many lives are going to be lost on both sides as a result (including, just now, kids in a UN-run school in Gaza that got shelled by Israeli rockets.) 
  • Russia is bullying smaller countries by cutting off gas supplies again - the quicker the rest of Europe reduces its reliance on gas and moves towards renewables (including, eventually, nuclear fusion) the better. Otherwise there's very little to stop us being held hostage by Russia on any flimsy pretence (apparently Ukraine is supposed to have 'stolen' gas - how, if the Russian Gazprom company controls the supplies?) 
  • Paul Gascoigne was the subject of an horrific documentary on Channel 4 last night - the guy is basically drinking himself to death in very short order. (You can watch it again - in theory - on the Channel 4 On Demand site - but good luck if you try doing that, 'cos we couldn't get the damn thing to work despite trying for 2 hours. The Channel 4 people should just licence the BBC's much-superior iPlayer rather than pushing an inadequate product on the public.
And we haven't even mentioned the economy yet... I'll get on to that in a minute. 

Oh, I forgot. Happy New Year. 

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