14 July 2008

The most interesting thing to come out of the Haltemprice & Howden by-election

I haven't bothered to post anything in particular about the David Davis by-election as the results were stultifyingly boring. About the best you can say about it is that the Greens finished in second place. The only really interesting thing that happened was when a friend of mine decided to run a sweepstake on the candidate that would end up with the least number of votes (which he went on to win. Very suspicious!)

However I did find one useful side product from the campaign - a 2 hour 53 minute lecture by David Icke, available on the website of something called Edge Media TV.

I've just watched 45 minutes of this and it's certainly an impressive public speaking performance. If you are sympathetic to Icke's conspiracy theory schtick, it's a very good (if somewhat long) outline of where his thinking's at nowadays. If you think he's talking total balls, then it's one of the greatest sustained comedy efforts you are likely to see (complete with bizarre micro-second jump cuts to an alternative camera angle - what's going on?) Either way, you can't lose.

Edge Media TV broadcasts on Sky Channel 211 and I'd love to tell you more about what the rest of their schedule is, but I can't pay money for something owned by Rupert Murdoch, so I can't.

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