11 March 2008

Turning Britain into a Boy Scout fascist state

When I read this I thought April Fools' Day might have come a few weeks early:

School leavers are to be "urged" to swear an oath of allegiance to the queen.

This would turn Britain into nothing more than a glorified boy scout troop. Why don't we get people to go round wearing silly uniforms all the time with little badges on them while we're at it? (Of course, at school, we already do. But how long before someone from this moronic government suggests it for adults?)

I do not recognise the queen as a legitimate head of state for the UK as she has never been elected. As far as I am concerned, technically we live in a dictatorship. Who actually won the Falklands conflict? Because the people running this country (those of them that are visible, at least) look more and more like General Galtieri every day.

We are on the march towards tinpot fascism in the UK, and I urge every one of you to take a stand against it. Don't vote for anybody - of any party - who endorses citizenship tests and that kind of malarkey. Better still, stand as an independent so that you can point out the f***ing great wave of B.S. heading right towards us. (I am managing the campaign of a possible candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon - I'll tell you more as details become available. (i.e. when I can convince the guy to actually stand!)

Signing off - FOR NOW.


John Broome Saunders said...

One wonders what other scouting practises might be rolled out to the population as a whole. National bob-a-job week, perhaps? Might fall foul of the minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

Good idea... If there were a national bob-a-job week, it could give bonus 'volunteering points' to all those people who want British citizenship or anyone else who wants to display how au fait with what it is to be British*.

*as defined by Lord Goldsmith

Anonymous said...

I agree this smacks of stunt politics. However, the problem with your blog is that the economic policies you advocate will lead to our current government being supplanted by either Kim Jong-il or Hu Jintao, both of whom would make the Queen look extremely benign. You forget that the bulk of the government's instructions come from Beijing/Pyongyang through its quislings in Brussels. The Queen is useful so long as she doesn't rebel, and if she were to exercise the theroetical powers available to her, we'd become a republic in fairlhy short order.