16 January 2008

Staying on a sci-fi tip...

Continuing my limited excursion into sci-fi blogging that began with Sunday's post discussing differences between Battlestar Galactica DVD sets in the US and UK, whilst following a BSG link I came across a blog post from a couple of years back by Wil Wheaton, who will be familiar to Star Trek: The Next Generation fans as the guy who played Wesley Crusher. I always thought he could have been called 'Ratings Crusher' as if I had a pound for everyone who had told me over the years that they found The Next Generation unwatchable because of that silly twerp Wesley, who managed to save the ship week after week despite being only about 14 years old and having no formal training whatsoever... and being an annoying whiny little bastard to boot... I would be able to afford at least one of the Next Gen season box sets.

Early Next Gen was the perfect example of a good basic concept hamstrung by a couple of characters so annoying you wanted to beat them up; Crusher, and Will Riker, played by Jonathan Frakes so cheesily that he made Shatner look like a vegan. If the original Star Trek series had had anyone as duff as these two in the cast it wouldn't have lasted six episodes.

It wasn't Wil Wheaton's fault that Wesley was crap, of course; the character was written to be an annoying jerk, and like Colin Baker in the ropey mid-80s Doctor Who era, Wheaton did the best he could with the dross he was given. Anyway it was a pleasant surprise to find his blog and it seems very good. He's recently got into Tom Baker-era Doctor Who, for instance. Additionally, I'm a sucker for posts which swear a lot, so I enjoyed this one. Although I would argue that five or six swear words is not "lots", Wil.

His book 'Just a Geek' looks interesting, too - great title. Must read that one.

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