21 November 2007

"You're dead you're f***ing dead"...

...as the guy with the balaclava on said in Nathan Barley.

In this case, it's directed at Steve McClaren.

Hal Berstram here, back on the sports desk for 1 night only. I've just watched probably the lamest England performance since the failure to qualify for 3 consecutive international tournaments in the mid-1970s.

These guys are paid huge amounts and they can't perform for shit. In that sense they are very, very similar to the directors of firms like Northern Rock and Paragon.

Welcome to 21st century UK market capitalism... a system where you get paid huge amounts for being rubbish.

The good thing about this is that McClaren will be history. Probably ex-Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McClaren could put out a better side. Maybe it's time to make the job into a big reality TV experiment. Just get a randomly picked punter to have a go... could they be any more duff?

It's lame, for sure. I'm going to Layer Road to watch Colchester on Saturday and I'm sure I'll find a better standard there. Onward and downward...

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Van Patten said...

I can't agree that this was the lamest performance since the
1970's. Arguably it wasn't even the worst performance in this qualifying group. For that I'd nominate either the away performance in Zagreb or the home game against Macedonia.

Hoever, without digressing too much, this is surely indidcative of a market gone mad in terms of footballers being massively overvalued, and an arrogant media whose geographical knwoledge doesn't enable them to locate Croatia, Andorra , Estonia or Macedonia (i'd challenge some to even find Russia) on a map and yet offer confident insights on the standard of their football teams.

The World Cup draw has paired us against Kaakhstan - already the 'Borat' jokes are flowing. If, as I expect, we come a cropper in Astana, will any journalist repent. Ask yourself?