15 August 2007

Apologies for this extended interruption to the service

Been no post here for almost 2 weeks which I'm well aware of.

This is mainly because I am going on holiday next week and I have so much crap to sort out before that. But I will make regular posts next week and beyond... you can count on that.

Also... it's a one man show from now on. I killed off Seth and Barney. I put an axe through their heads. I've got... tapes of some of it. Harold... I killed a lot of people. Perhaps, like "Horselover Fat" in Philip K Dick's Valis, they never really existed at all. Perhaps they were honest Tory MPs.

Never mind. Giroscope is now just Hal Berstram... in time for its 1st birthday.

For rock'n'roll, dope and frowning in the streets.

Piece and frakkin'. BEE LEAVE - don't sting me now.

Cheers all. Until the next shot of coherence, give yourself a laugh and try my new technique; rather than pushing 'next blog' to go to a random blog on Blogger, try inputting a well-know (or little known?) word into the browser, followed by 'blogspot.com'.

Some ones I tried today (with varying degrees of success):
Heavy Metal
Heavy Rock
New Labour
I Like It (possibly the weirdest one)
Space 1999 (weak)
Blakes Seven (possibly even weaker)
Cress (enthusiastic)

Try it... please report back if you find anything interesting.


red two said...

Booooo. Bring back Seth. He was close to the hedge.

giroscoper said...

As Malcolm McLaren might have put it, "Seth had to go. He had begun working for the other side. And what do you call people like that in your country, monsieur?"